• Charlotte Thorogood

A light hearted poem to make you smile

Because sometimes you need to take a step back from it all...

Well, here we are as the world comes to a stand still,

We’re all staying inside and we’re losing our will!


Every day we put on our uniform for the day ahead,

Leggings and lounge wear, virtually ready for bed!


God help us when we need to wear jeans or a skirt,

Hairy legs, buttons and a zip, that’s going to hurt!


We’re not looking our best and don’t even care,

We’re blonde no more, it’s our very own dark hair!


Every night we have made sure the wine is flowing,

It's one of the only things that’s keeping us going!


And we’ve eaten ourselves out of house and home,

Our husband’s growing stubble that you could comb!


We've found the whole nation is on rations of loo roll,

And screen time’s an all time high as we just scroll!


Leaving the house is as exciting as it’s going to get,

Once a day, keeping 2 metres with anyone you met!


Sure, we’ll appreciate the world more than before,

But, just watch divorces soar as we open the door!


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