• Charlotte Thorogood

A mini break to Colchester General

I’ll make this short but sweet. Life’s not always ‘insta-perfect’. As much as I love a mini break, I’d not recommend a few days in Colchester!

Last week I spent four nights in hospital after going to A & E as I’d been unwell for a few weeks. Unfortunately what the GP prescribed for a Crohns flare up just wasn’t getting me better. I was rushed through and on a drip within half an hour! I needn’t have worried about whether I was wasting their time as they clearly thought I wasn’t.

It’s a very eye opening experience on a hospital ward. When you’re in hospital lying on that bed, it doesn’t matter if you’ve run a marathon or if you’ve ridden an advanced dressage test, you’re all equal. An appreciation for everything washes over you.

Grateful for it all

You feel grateful for everything. Hearing Mum’s footsteps come round the corner armed with magazines and a tasty lunch everyday was more amazing than she’ll ever know. Poor Robin spent a small fortune on hospital car parking, although he did manage a quick nap in the bed one evening! Kind messages from friends meant so much, it keeps you going and always lifts you a little. Never underestimate what a bit of post does for someone.

Thank you. To the doctors and nurses that are there for us when we need them most and to my friends and family.

For the time that you’re there, nurses that you’ve never met before become your closest friend. You cry to them, they tell you it will be okay and you believe them. The nurses and doctors of this world work tirelessly. They really care. Thank you NHS, I’ll never hear a bad word said about you.

I can’t wait for some adventures

Much calmer adventures it has to be said. I’m so excited to be getting better. To the meals out with Robin and friends, the dog walks, after-work drinks in the pub, classes at the gym; to all the stuff that makes my life mine.

I wanted to share my story, but I promise life is more upbeat than this. Hopefully this is the last time I’ll need to say I’m ‘on the mend’ for a very long time!

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