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Being a 'cool Mum'

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

Where have 5 months gone? So, I write this post immersed in a pile of snot. It's been a pretty horrid two weeks. I vowed not to be one of 'those mums' with a snotty child. So now I must apologise to everyone I judged before having Sophie! It turns out it comes as part of the deal...

The thoughts behind my post today is that desperate attempt to be a 'cool Mum'. It's the aim but here's why I just can't do it...

Going 'out out'

You get so excited to be going 'out out'. You might even try on a few outfits in the days before - kind of like being back at school! Then the day comes round... you've probably not slept as well as you wanted, it's a fat day, your baby is just having 'one of those days' and, suddenly, leaving the house with a full face of make up and your legs on show in a dress does not appeal very much anymore.

I hope I'm not the only one!

Chat that stinks

Those nappies do stink, but not half as much as my chat does sometimes. There's something about making conversation with a 5 month old that does not set you up for real life chat... again I remember judging those that couldn't help but tell you me about little Jimmy's last swimming lesson. I heard myself at a wedding the other day. I think I am that girl so apologies once more!

Time runs away with you

I used to be able to fit weeks into days. I was the girl that couldn't say no! I'd think nothing of a ride before breakfast, a run in my lunch hour. You get the idea!

Now I feel I've achieved if Sophie's kept her socks on for the day! Jokes aside, it has done me good to slow down, but sometimes you don't necessarily feel like you've achieved much in a day. Keep something just for you. It's been a joy to have my yoga to think about each week and I love being able to escape from it all for an hour on Louis (my horse). That's kept me 'me'.

So there you go. A brief catch up. I'm loving it, of course, but it's definitely a game changer! Sort of like a game of Monopoly. You find yourself picking up Pall Mall on your first go, you're cruising and thinking this is easy! Never get too cocky. You then dip dangerously close to bankruptcy, stumbling slightly, before making back your millions in rent. Oh, and then get sent to jail on your next go!

It's the rollercoaster that just keeps on giving...

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