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Body Pump - 5 reasons why it’s the class I love to hate!

Updated: Aug 29, 2018

I’ve always been an active person and try to do a little something each and every day, after all, it really does make you feel better. I love most forms of exercise from running through the Suffolk hills, to a relaxing class of yoga (especially chilling out at the end!) Each type of exercise makes you feel good in its own way, which is why it’s valuable to mix up what you’re doing.

Body Pump is that class that we all love to hate! I love that I can burn about 500 calories within an hour, make a real difference to my body shape – but there’s times when you really feel it! It’s basically a one-hour weight-based group fitness class that’s broken up into different tracks targeting each and every one of the major muscle groups. You get yourself a bar and weights when you arrive, the music kicks in and off you go! I’ve gathered my five reasons why you should be convinced to try it just once…

1. It gets you all over!

Not a muscle goes untouched – even finding some you forgot you had! You’ll probably feel it a little bit after; a reward for knowing you’ve given your all for that hour. You are at the gym to make a difference after all – or allow yourself something sweet for pudding that night!

2. You can lose yourself in the music

The tracks they use within Body Pump are energetic, inspiring and a welcome distraction to what you’re actually doing! The music and the exercises change every 3 months, so you never actually find yourself getting bored. Vital to keep your enthusiasm for turning up to classes each and every week!

It’s not one of those classes you need a whole heap of co-ordination with the music for – trust me, I’m not someone you’d find in a dance class!

3. It goes quickly (except the lunges!)

No one wants to clock watch in the gym, surely that’s just for the working hours. The class does go in a bit of a blur. Even when you’re resting in between tracks, you find yourself changing the weights for the next burst of activity. There’s no time to be thinking about those mundane jobs you need to do when you get home! It’s the one class that I’m all absorbed in what I’m doing.

4. You’re in control

Having a bad day? Just don’t load your bar quite so much. Want to push yourself to the max and really feel it tomorrow? Go on, challenge yourself and get a new PB in one of the tracks. The beauty is that what you put on your bar is up to you…

5. You’re all in it together

It’s a class for anyone, so typically there’s a complete gender mix and age is totally irrelevant. The one thing you all have in common is that you’re there to get the most that you can out of the class. Everyone’s super friendly and there’s such a good feeling amongst you all when the workout is done.

So I dare you to try a Body Pump class. I’ve tried to be as honest as possible. I promise you that you’ll have a smile at the end of the class and feel a real sense of achievement. Oh, and you’ll actually feel it the next day!

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