• Charlotte Thorogood

Controversial - why this could do us the world of good...

Look I'm not crazy. Of course I would happily say good riddance to the coronavirus tomorrow. It's caused more than enough carnage and the bloodbath it's leaving in it's trail just doesn't bear thinking about. The world simply won't be quite the same again.

But sometimes you have to look at things from another angle. An angle where there's a flicker of hope and a little optimism. I've gathered just a few things I hope we've learnt from this storm...

Respect for the NHS

The NHS are spinning more plates than we can imagine. They're risking themselves every single day for us all at home. You'd be mad if you didn't agree that the round of applause across the whole of the country was spine tingling stuff. It was a thunder of gratitude that made for such a pleasant change to the eerily quiet streets at the moment. It showed what we are capable of. It made you proud to be British.

We've all come together

Our community spirit is at an all time high. This experience will change for good how you perceive yourself in the neighbourhood - and I think that could be a really good thing.

We're all in this together and we'll come out the other side closer.

Time with loved ones

It may be a roller coaster of emotions and you'll need to just take it day by day. There have probably been moments of madness when you've wanted to sleep in the garage on your own for a bit of peace! But joking aside, you'll never have this time again. Time to spend in the garden, time to watch your children grow. Time to try new recipes, time to quietly sit with nowhere to be. Don't be tough on yourself and allow yourself to simply be every now and then.

Appreciating what was once normal

Your normal was perhaps a bubble that was close to bursting! It might have been a blur from the moment you woke. I know I've always tried to be that girl fitting weeks into days. You'll find a new routine where the days will merge into one. But every day we're one step closer to that normal. A normal that will never be taken for granted again.

Enjoying the simpler things in life

The one walk of the day is pretty special. A chance to soak up fresh air and watch birds flittering around from tree to tree without a care in the world. I hope that once all returns to some sort of normality, the kindness continues and people continue to enjoy the simplicity of life's little joys.

There you go. I hope once this passes, we'll have all learnt something from it. We'll promise ourselves not to take life for granted, I just hope we don't slip back into our old ways.

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