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Coronavirus. Life in lockdown.

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

Corona, up until a matter of weeks ago, you had simply been a bottle of lager that I didn't have a taste for. Now, you've come into our world and sent everything flying. You've changed the way we live right now. It's a world that is barely recognisable.

My brain works in mysterious ways. This whole pandemic is destined for our Grandchildren's history books. It really makes you think, doesn't it?

The unknown is scary

Navigating life with the coronavirus hanging over our world is just plain odd. Initially I thought it was all being blown out of proportion. My gut feel was that it was a media frenzy that was thriving on sending people into a blind panic. I still hope little old naive me was right there.

I swing from being anxious about close ones, I get annoyed at the things we're missing out on and then I feel selfish for not thinking about the 'bigger picture'. This being getting the world back to the one that we know - and didn't realise how much we loved until now.

Lost in the madness

I feel lucky that I'm able to get out in the fresh air and walk the dog, to soak up the scenery and enjoy the freedom of the countryside. My mind seeks out structure though. I relish a diary stuffed with social events. We've found ourselves in a scene in the midst of the latest Stephen King thriller. It's doesn't feel real.

Life in lockdown is uncertain, lonely and a little bit scary. Whether you're staying in or still venturing out a little, it's overwhelming. But there's people working tirelessly, on the front line or behind the scenes, to keep the whole show on the road. It's all too easy just to think of ourselves in all of this, isn't it?

Trying to be positive

I'm urging us to see things differently if we can. Find new ways in this stillness. Make new choices in this chapter. It's easier said than done and I need to be reminded of that everyday.

A couple of days ago, I put pen to paper and came up with what this means for me.

I know I’m not one that enjoys my own company, so I will be picking up the phone more. I’ve cancelled my yoga classes, but am hoping to do a couple of videos for people to keep moving. I’ve been meaning to read more. This my chance to pick up a new book and immerse myself in it. We all need to slow down sometimes. To simply be, to breathe and to put our phones to one side and chat over dinner. I get stuck in my ways, cooking up something far from a storm. I’ll be trying some new recipes, finding confidence in the kitchen.

May we never take anything for granted again

A hand shake or a hug. Full shelves at the supermarket (what are people doing with toilet roll...?) A few pints on a Friday night in the pub. Dinners with old friends. Watching the rugby on the TV. Chatting to the neighbours about the weather( doesn't seem so boring now!). Waving your children off on the school bus. You get the idea.

I hope to see you all so soon. I hope we find calm at the end of this chaos. We all need to be with people, we are social creatures. Hope hangs in the air that we get this sorted quickly.

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