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Five simple things that will make your day better!

Updated: Nov 13, 2018

It's all to easy for life to take over, for the days to roll into one and for everything to become a bit of a blur. That's fine, but every now and then it's good to come up for air! I wanted to share a few

simple things you can do with your day - just to make your stop and smile.

1. Sit down with a cup of tea (and maybe a magazine and a brownie)

The first cup of tea is always the best, it's the one you need the most! But actually, if you're having a stressful day, just taking the time to sit down and enjoy that first sip is pretty good. Let's be fair, we're all classically British and there's not much a good 'cuppa' doesn't help...

2. Make someone smile!

It's a pretty good feeling knowing you've made someones day better. It can be as simple as seeing something you know a friend will find funny and sending them a text about it!

3. Take a (quick) walk

I won't bang on about this one too much as I've done a whole blog on the benefits of getting out for a walk. We all want to work wonders on our wellbeing, but sometimes keeping it simple with a walk is just what you need.

4. Get something in the diary

We all need things to look forward to - otherwise what are we working for? It could be an afternoon tea with the girls, getting a massage in the diary or something big and extravagant like a holiday; it's all time in the diary to count down to!

5. Declutter!

Feel that surge of satisfaction by clearing out a purse, a drawer or a shelf. There's hundreds of reasons it'll make you feel better. Getting rid of clutter creates a bit more harmony in the home, you won't spend hours looking for something (come on, we've all been there!) and you'll feel a bit lighter and more energised. Try it!

So, enjoy your days. Make them count and try and end every single day a little bit grateful of what you've enjoyed. Even when you think the day couldn't have been much worse, try and find that little bit of good in everything. It'll be there, I promise.

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