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Five things I wish I’d known before our wedding

A little girls wedding day. A bit of a fairy tale. Yes, think Cinderella being whisked away by Prince Charming. We've all planned the day long before a husband has turned up! Sorry, Robin.

I knew that my, I mean, our wedding would be at home and we'd have drinks in Mum and Dad's garden, followed by an old-fashioned traditional marquee overlooking some of the farm.

What I didn't realise was just how much I would get involved in every little detail. Future brides, have a read of my thoughts and relax, just enjoy and savour every moment. If you've been a bride, I'm sure you can relate to my bridezilla moments!

There's no point stressing about the weather The day you walk up the aisle to become husband and wife will be incredible, that's whether it's pouring with rain or basking hot. I wish I'd believed people who told me this before the 15th July 2017. For a good few weeks in the run up to the big day, I was obsessed with checking every weather app I could find. When one said rain, I'd check another and only relax when I'd find one that informed me of sunshine. I finally understood what it's like to be a farmer...

Despite a little drizzle in the morning, we enjoyed a stupidly good sunset in the evening. No one can plan for that...

The church service is really what it's all about

That moment when you walk into the church is such an unforgettable experience. To be surrounded by family and friends and say those magical words 'I will' quite simply takes your breath away. In the build up to the wedding, it's the bit you take for granted. You're all consumed with the party; the favours, the seating plan, the canapes and the band's playlist. But that all seems insignificant when you're up at the altar.

Just make sure you soak it all up in the ceremony. You treasure every moment on that aisle. It's so special and one you hope never to repeat.

It's 'our' wedding, not 'my' wedding

They might not invest as much time in the preparation. They might even act like they don't care about the day; I recall a lot of 'yes, if that's what you want' before he'd even listened to what I'd said. What I can now see is that the wedding wouldn't be happening at all without Robin. Robin deciding he wanted to be with me for the rest of his life. Thanks to him getting down on one knee and asking me to marry him, we were embarking on this new adventure. Thank you Robin.

I'm so glad Robin wanted that farmers wedding I'd dreamed of too. I very much doubt it had entered any of his dreams... he went along with a couple of dance lessons, searched high and low for photos for our name places, didn't complain too much about my many 'Pinterest' ideas and went to such lengths to write the best groom's speech I've ever heard. He can still recite it now!

Everyone wants to help and everyone has an amazing time

Don't be afraid to ask for help. Friends will want to sprinkle their little bit of fairy dust on your day. There's something wonderful about all being in it together, a buzz as you share every step with friends and family. We're so grateful to everyone that helped make our day what it was.

The other thing. Don't worry about your friends and family having a good time. Of course they will! Who doesn't get excited about good wine, good food and celebrating such a happy occasion?

Only a handful of people notice the little things

You may well laugh, but the wrong carpet was ordered for our wedding. Did anyone notice? No, of course not. Did I on the day? No.

I was a bit of a control freak! Ensuring the placement of the blankets on the straw bale sofas was Pinterest-worthy was something I felt I couldn't even trust my bridesmaids with. No, they weren't five year old flower girls, they were my thirty-something year old friends! Of course, they managed it and everyone appreciated having somewhere to soak up our glorious sunset from.

It's not worth stressing about every little detail. It's simply having everyone all together in your little bubble that makes it out of this world.

I hope you found this blog interesting. Remember, it might not be the day you've dreamt of, it will be so much more.

Here's a snapshot from July last year. A breath-taking day of laughter, smiles, tears and overwhelming joy. Enjoy.

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