• Charlotte Thorogood

Five ways children change your game plan

Here's a few things you might notice about how your day has changed when you have a miniature version of yourself. Be sure that you know it is wonderful, but I'd be lying to you all if we didn't have the odd little grizzle (...if Sophie can, I can!)

I used to enjoy my tea warm...

I can pretty guarantee that my cuppa will be cold by the time I've tended to the needs of a very small person. I've learnt that although tea ALWAYS tastes better warm, it's still very drinkable cold!

I can now go to the toilet a whole lot less

Forget those days in your pregnancy when you were running to the loo every five minutes! You have moments of a bladder of steel now and can sit with a sleeping baby on top of you (whilst needing the toilet) for a good hour or so.

That said - do not decide that your next hobby post-baby is trampolining...

I am NEVER on time anymore

I have developed a serious skill in the art of 'nappy aroma' and can pretty much guarantee that one will need changing just before we step out of the door. I've stopped even apologising for lateness now.

I listen to the Wheels on the Bus theme tune more than the radio

I'm more of a Radio 2 listener now - Robin and I regularly have the 2 versus 1 argument. I think we are too old for one, but he begs to differ...

But, right now it seems I listen to more of the Wheels on the Bus than anything else. HELP!

I watch the baby monitor over the TV at night

This might just be me! I'm so hopeless at watching tele anyway. I keep checking her on the monitor (...she's often cuter when asleep!) I almost want to pinch myself to think that she was growing in my belly - the whole thing is mind blowing.

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