• Charlotte Thorogood

Forget Horse & Hound, here we are in Take a Break

God I love Louis. I love the fact that he can take my mind off anything when we are out for a ride. I love that he somehow managed to know what I was talking about in dressage speak and take me to Advanced Medium. I love that his cuddles are amongst some of the best I've ever had.

I actually love that he can't pose for a photo when he doesn't think he's the star of the show. Here he is on our Wedding Day. He knew that the day was about me so was rather bored by it all... Plus we had stolen his paddock to put a marquee up!

Thanks Louis - a snap in Take a Break earned me £75! That's more than you've won in prize money in the last couple of years! I always wanted to get our photo in Horse & Hound but Take a Break will have to do...

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