• Charlotte Thorogood

Have you ever dreamt of paradise?

From a very young age, we come to picture paradise as miles of untouched white sand with a beautiful clear blue sea quietly purring at the shore. Even if you haven’t seen paradise for yourself, you can imagine the fresh air filling your lungs, the sun’s rays warming your back and the calm blue skies smiling down on you.

Waking up on a remote island in the Seychelles was everything paradise should be – and so much more. There’s something absolutely magical about the boulder-dotted coastlines, the acres of rain forest to lose yourself in and the odd massive tropical rain shower to keep everything fresh.

You find the days pass in a blur of beautiful memories. Simply walking on the beach has you mesmerised; the powdery sand tickling your toes as you lose yourself in the moment. It’s so easy to simply spend your time watching the world go by; it moves at a slower pace than anything I’ve known, but leaves you spellbound.

We left our trance-like state to immerse ourselves in Silhouette Island’s very own rainforest. The highest peak stands at 740m, towering well over the sea and watching over the island. It’s magnificently vast, yet still inviting.

Mount Durban was calling. We walked for a few hours, through the incredibly diverse flora and fauna, reaching views you simply had to savour.

Every now and then, the skies burst into a rain shower that you have to see to believe. It seduces you to stand outside; to soak it all up and it makes you feel quite free.

Love fills the air everywhere you go. The whole seven days were that sort of enchanting dream you don’t want to wake up from. We fell back in love with ourselves and fell head over heels in love with the Seychelles.

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