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It's a kind of magic - kindness doesn't cost a thing!

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

I took Queen's hit song 'It's a kind of magic' another way. Kindness is a kind of magic. It's that superpower we all possess to bring a little warmth and make someone feel better. I think it often gets mislaid when we're leading busy lives and we don't always realise it's potential. We've been tossed into a new normal and with the overhanging concern of Coronavirus on our physical health, I think our mental health could slide even further down our agenda. I wanted to look at the ways that I think kindness can help get us through these troublesome times. Scrap that, I want us to try and be kind after all this has settled down too!

I'd be absolutely lying if I said I was a saint. Far from it! We always lash out at those closest to you, Robin will tell you, I'm sure! There have been so many times I've been jealous of Robin jumping in his truck and going off to work in the last few weeks (...I never thought I'd utter those words!) that sometimes I've taken my frustration out on him. Luckily I can normally make it up with a freshly baked batch of chocolate brownies - oh, and an apology!

Say hello to whoever you see

One of the most wonderful things about living in the middle of nowhere on the farm is that everyone knows everyone. Sometimes it's a little bit much. Nothing's a secret round here! It is, however, the very essence of community spirit.

Smiles really are contagious, so just try and spread a little love with someone you see today.

Send a package in the post

Who doesn't love to receive a parcel? Often, it can pick you up when you were down. Just knowing you're uncovering what someone else has wrapped up for you with a little love is special. A week ago, I was surprised to open a bundle of delicious chocolate treats from a gorgeous friend. I'd been feeling a bit negative for a few days and it really did stop me diving deeper into that darker head space. Thank you!

You'll even find that this random act of kindness lifts you up too.

Drop someone a text to say you're thinking of them

I may dislike Zoom calls (I've made that clear!), but I love hearing from someone that has had me in their thoughts! I mean, a textbook like on social media is great, but this kicks that in to touch. We all have a minute (or 30 seconds!) just to write a text to say 'hey'.

If you can bring a little bit of brightness to someone else's day, you can almost feel that ripple effect in yourself.

Be kind to yourself

You only get one body to call your home. I really learnt that when I spent five (long) days in hospital in September 2018 with a flare up of my Crohns Disease. Until that point, I really think that I had thought nothing could stop me. Now, I rather relish a day at home. A day where you can get to the end without an achievement... one spent relaxing, maybe gazing out the window for too long; simply meandering your way through it. This lockdown has taken that too far for me now though!

If you want to pop on a face mask and pretend you're at your favourite spa, then do it. Walk barefoot on the grass, daydream of days when you didn't have a care in the world.

The world is not our oyster at the moment, I get that, but there's always something that will make you feel a little better.

This isn't forever. It's a storm that will fade. We'll find a new way of living and, hopefully, regain some peace with that. Just acknowledge that kindness can bring about positive vibes and help us all reach the other side. It leaves footprints that stick and can add a bit of joy to the course of someone's day.

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