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It's National Poetry Day!

October 4th: National Poetry Day. Oh, I am partial to a good poem. I wanted to share a couple of old favourites of mine. One poem is a celebration of our one year anniversary and one was nestled on the reverse of our Wedding order of service.

A year of marriage

It was a whole year ago that we said I do,

Yes, you still leave the seat up in the loo!

You have one pint too many a lot of the time, Oh yes, I married a lad still in his prime!

Thanks for not laughing at my need for a stable, I’ll keep putting those dinners on the table!

Mauritius, skiing and Crete, we’ve loved a break! Not that perfect housewife, but I like to bake!

Thank you for loving me even when I moan, And when I spend the evening on my phone!

You, me and Aya, we make a good team, You both stay calm when I shout and scream!

Thank you my Robin, we’ve loved our year, Lots of smiles, but not without the odd tear!

Our order of service

Our wedding was slightly over run with poetry. Do I look back and regret it? Not at all - it's all the little bits like that which made it our wedding!

It’s been a whirlwind couple of days, They’ve passed in a bit of a haze!

Robin wanted me to head out for a walk, To the top, he said, god, did I squark!

We were both feeling worse for wear, 'Come on’, he said, we need some air!

You left me speechless and in a daze, You sooth my daft and crazy ways.

Robin, you're my rock and my norm, You're the calm to my wild storm,

The one I want to wake up beside, Robin, I can’t wait to be your bride,

To the fun times we’ll have and see, Robin, I’ll be the best wife I can be.

Poems are pretty light-hearted, fun and should leave you with a little smile on your face. They'll always be my go-to for any celebration!

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