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My yoga journey - why it could help you

Updated: Feb 28, 2019

I used to think yoga was all about getting your legs behind your head, it was for those who were super flexible and skinny ( can picture the photos on instagram). I used to think there was a lot of chanting and it was all a bit religious for me, I thought it was a bit out there. I've learnt that it's not those things at all. It really is for anyone, no matter what your shape or size, your age, and definitely, no matter how bendy you are. Guys and girls can find real benefit in practising yoga. It's for anyone with an open mind that wants to move their body mindfully.

Here's five reasons why yoga could be for you!

You just can't switch off.

Your mind wanders and even when you have nothing to do, you can never truly relax. Yoga teaches you to focus on yourself and your body for that precious time that you are in your practice. A meditation isn't something hippy. It's a beautiful part of your yoga practice that teaches you to stay in the present moment and enjoy what's there.

Your posture could do with a helping hand

Do you ever feel yourself slouching on the couch? Are you spending hours on your phone leaving tension in your neck? I know I dread those messages from my iPhone that tell me how long I've spent scrolling! When you're standing, are you rounding your shoulders or leaning on one leg?

It's pretty much all of us so don't turn a blind eye! Yoga reminds you how your body should move, where it's limits are and encourages you to use all your muscles as they should be used.

You want to improve your muscle tone

Body pump is not for everyone. Lifting weights can be daunting for most. Yoga is that open house that builds strength alongside mobility using your own body weight. It means you're less likely to injure yourself and gives you confidence in yourself and what your body can do.

You get stressed and want to have some tools to help

That feeling when the world gets a little bit too much. We've all been there when your 'to do' list is taking over and you're only ever adding to it! There's always breath control work in yoga and that's one of the best tools you have to calm you down.

Next time you feel worked up, just take a moment to slow your breath. Inhale through your nose, pause and exhale really slowly through your nose. Just slowing down the breath will take you into a parasympathetic nervous state (that takes me back to GCSE Biology!) and encourage your body to relax, allowing you to think sensibly again.

You need some time for you!

You feel you chase around, there's not enough hours in the day and you haven't even given a thought to how you're actually feeling. Yoga is that time for you, even if it's just an hour a week. It's important to do something for you. The others around you will benefit too, trust me!

The magic that captured me with yoga was that I felt in a deeper, calmer place. My sleep is improved and I think there's a greater contentment with what I have around me.

If you think yoga could be for you then I urge you to try it. I'm really enjoying my Apanaveda teacher training course and hope to be qualified very soon. I'll keep you posted!

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