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Reiki - What is it and How it can help you?

I met so many wonderful and interesting souls on my yoga teacher training; all with a story to tell. I absolutely loved spending my weekends with them and learnt something from them all. Ria was the girl with the infectious laughter, the one that could make us all smile. She was into reiki and we were all intrigued. I want to say a massive thank you to Ria who has shared her reiki journey with us. It's an insight into something that might be able to help you.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a great self-practice to remove stagnated flows and energy blocks through the energy channels (meridians) around the body. It’s very simple to self-practice if the intention is there and we soften the mind, we can then begin to listen to our bodies.

My Journey into Reiki I went into Reiki sceptical, but keen to start the processes of self-awareness and mental awareness. I had been burning the candles at both ends and needed to find a practice to start my healing journey. I had already been using crystals and working with meditation - which often I would find myself just falling asleep and not meditating (but I must have needed the rest!). I started a meditation course to learn more and Reiki was often mentioned. after searching the internet for a reliable teacher, I came across the amazing Jenny who really started me on a path to my awakening. Completing level 1 and 2 as a Reiki Practitioner Studying didn’t come easy, I was a single mum in my early 30's and worked as a stylist for Toni & Guy. Time was limited, but once I made time and found space, the impact on my mind and body was profound. So, really, what is it?

Rei- Ki (universal life-force energy) was re discovered in the 1800s by Dr Usui a Japanese Buddhist. Reiki is a Japanese ancient holistic alternative therapy, using hand placements. I love that we can gain access to ancient medicine and practices that still to this day are so beneficial to changing the way we feel. We have become so addicted to quick fixes and magic pills, depression and anxiety are ripe among the old and young, men, women and children. Learning to practice mediation, Reiki, yoga and breathwork allows us to connect with ourselves as beings and re-focus our minds. Reiki uses energy, vibrations and prana. Everything we do affects the prana in our body: the way we think, speak, what we eat our emotions and healing. Every living thing has prana, chi, Ki (life force energy). Once we align the prana in the body, shifting stagnated thoughts and blockages, the prana can flow with ease through the system.

Here's the science

Everything is made up of 3 states of matter ‘Solid, Liquid, Gas’ (Humans a composite of all three states). Most energy cannot be seen but felt and comes in many forms 'Heat, Light, Vibration, Emotional energy'. The earth itself has its own vibrational frequency that we can connect with. This partly why we feel better when we are in nature, as the longer we spend in and around nature, the more our bodies begin to harmonise with frequency. Often healing music is tuned into the same earth frequency. We exchange energy with others and can sense subtle energies when a person is excited, sad, angry. You can feel an atmosphere good or bad which is what we call ‘Energy Sense’. Our five senses can always pick up energy and vibrations between one body to another, Reiki helps to exchange energy through touch and creating a channel. Touching and allowing energy exchange from one person to another is one of the most ancient tools to nurture humans and all living things, combine that with a meditative state and you have Reiki. It is not a mystical practice, it is based on ‘vibrations, frequency and energy’, all of which combine to create our reality.


Have a go yourself

Go somewhere quiet, candles, blankets.

Self-treatments are a great way to practice. Start by sitting comfortable spine straight Visualise a bright light coming in through your chest (heart centre) Place your hands across your chest right hand on left shoulder left hand on right shoulder Breathe deeply inhale -1234 -exhale-1,2,3,4, Stay here for as long as feels good. Finish by grounding: Start to deepen the breath imagine roots drawing your body down, heavy and supported breathing into the base of your spine. You can visualise the colour red here Slowly open the eyes and observe how you feel.


I teach self-practice, by placing your hands on the located chakra areas of the body and allowing yourself to be, with no judgment. Lots of information on Reiki and its history is available online and in books to help you begin your reiki journey of self-discovery. Reiki For Life By Penelope Quest is a great insight to Reiki Stay safe and healthy. Love and Light Ri x

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