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Seeing the funny side in those early baby days

Updated: Sep 27, 2019

They say if you don't laugh you'll cry and I think there's definitely a few of these moments in those first few weeks with your little baby. I mean you can cry at any moment given what your hormones are up to!

When I look back at these moments I do laugh - and surely that's how you want to remember it all. Those whirlwind few weeks where you're all getting a little less sleep and your world has been turned upside down!

Upgrade that spotify account

Picture the scene I was trying to create; a relaxing labour in the hypnobirth suite, soft music plying and a hint of lavender in the air. Sounds lovely, hey? It was all great until I realised I'd cancelled my Spotify Premium so we had adverts playing every twenty minutes through the whole of my labour!

Thankfully I can already look back and laugh!

Don't stop, never give up!

Those that know me will know that my singing voice is a little off-tune. No, I'll correct that; I'm tone deaf. Poor Sophie has had to put up with the only song i know all the words too. She'll never want to listen to S Club 7 'Don't Stop' when she grows up!

I also sang 'Happy Birthday' to her in the Doctor's surgery this morning...

Instagram versus reality...

We post those lovely snoozing pictures. Ones where your baby looks like simply perfect. Those photos where you've managed to get some make up on you.

No one shares a snap showing that nappy change that was a two man job...

Pottery painting with Sophie

I'd seen people do these plates and all sorts with your babies little hand prints on. It seemed idyllic. Off we went a couple of weeks ago, Sophie in her best baby gro and me looking forward to it.

What happened was some serious crying and hollering from Sophie, pink paint all over her - and a lot of laughing from me (I think trying to cope with the tears!) Luckily the end results were very cute and worth all the faff...

There you go. We've had some amazing moments, some scary and some really funny ones. I hope by sharing this then I'll always be able to look back on these thoughts and it will make me smile... and Sophie one day.

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