• Charlotte Thorogood

Ten months with our Sophie

Wow. It's been a while since I put some words together. I was going to write a 'nine months with Sophie' blog and then somehow another month flashed in front of our eyes. Time during lockdown has worked in mysterious ways. Often days pass like treacle but weeks fly by in the blink of an eye.

These ten months with our little girl have been the most fulfilling, crazy, overwhelming and exciting of times. You watch their little character grow, see traits of your own in them and marvel at how quickly they change and learn.

I've gathered five things that have surprised me about this incredible journey. Those secrets you unearth as part of the job...

You can't believe how much they change

Firstly, you take more photos than you ever have done before. Secondly, you look back at said photos more than ever before! Flicking through snaps from only a week ago, you realise they have already changed. Got stronger. Started to crawl. That glint in their eye has got cheekier.

Every day is an adventure. You think you have it all worked out and then they throw you a curve ball!

You'll worry more than you've worried before

I hope this isn't just me. I used to be more of a 'it'll be alright on the night' person. Now I worry about Sophie, I worry about Robin and I worry about Aya, the dog. Charlotte, step away from Google!

I worry that Sophie hasn't started crawling then when she does start, I worry that she's climbing up anything she can see. There's always something to worry about, because you are suddenly responsible for a little person - and there's no manual!

Babies are pretty robust

I was the girl that didn't want to hold anyone else's baby. I had a fear about their little tiny head dropping off.

I shouldn't admit this and I was mortified when it happened, but Sophie fell out of her pram a few months back. Aside from feeling like I was in line for the 'worst mother in the world', there were a few tears, but she was absolutely fine. You only realise just how robust they are when you have one of your own!

You can get a lot done when they sleep!

'Sleep when your baby sleeps'. That's what I was told, but I couldn't sleep if the house wasn't just so. When I know I have an hour while she sleeps, I'm a girl on a mission. Use the time wisely. Perhaps, drink a full warm cup of tea from start to finish.

They do things in their own time

I'm naturally competitive. It's hard for me not to want Sophie to walk before everyone else's babies. She's my 'champ' after all. But here's the thing. She'll do it when she's ready. There's no finish line with this race.

This past ten months has made me appreciate the little things. It's made me slow down and laugh more. Laughing at those lunchtimes when more sweet potato lands on the floor than in her mouth. Robin and I chuckling at her chatting away to herself in her cot - wondering what on earth she could be saying!

I've learnt that Sophie's smile can make even those down days much sweeter.

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