• Charlotte Thorogood

The art of de-cluttering - why does it feel so good?

I write this as a professional de-clutterer - yes, I'm fully aware that's not even a word! The last couple of months of pregnancy have seen me remove nearly half our stuff (people call it nesting...) You know what I'm talking about; the accumulation of a few years junk, stuff you once liked, things you thought you'd get so much use out of, but simply sat gathering dust.

I've gathered a few reasons why it feels so good to shift some of this load out of your home:

You can actually find things you want

A very simple observation, but less stuff means you'll find that item you could have spent hours searching for. Odd socks don't need to hang around in the drawer; chances are they will probably never find their soulmate again...

The home feels calmer

Less stuff gives you space to think and who knows, you might even sleep better when your bedroom is a haven of calm? The hardest step and the overwhelming one is that first step but if you're anything like me it's totally worth it. I've unearthed clothes I forgot I had, found books I actually want to read and ditched the out of date goods in the cupboards that were never going to make their way to the dinner table even if they'd stayed there another five years...

Here's a few pointers that should help you on your way to a clearer house:

You've not used it in a year, you're probably not going to

Chances are, if you've not worn something in a year then you don't love it and it probably doesn't make you feel good. You've made it through all four seasons and that top has been sat in your wardrobe not uttering a peep. Let someone at the charity shop benefit instead and feel good knowing you've done your little bit.

Do you need 56 USB cables for your old phone?

Some may say that you never know. I'm going to say that they're only adding to the chaos in the home and they probably don't need to take up space in your life any more!

Have a healthy amount of magazines to read - no more than that

You don't need piles and piles of magazines taking up space in your home. There's something lovely about giving a friend a few magazines to flick through if you know they'll enjoy them. You really don't need to keep them forever. Obviously if it means a lot to you then keep the odd one or two to look back at...

I hope you enjoyed and it inspires you to have a spring (or summer!) clean. Go on, get that inner hoarder in you back in the closet!

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