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The first two weeks with baby Sophie

Where do I begin? I just don't know. You can expect this blog to read much like these first two weeks have been; it might not make much sense, it probably reads like I'm also mentally doing another five things and there will most likely be spelling mistakes ... even with spellcheck (my brain is literally mush at best!)

I'd liken the experience to a rollercoaster you've been dying to ride. You've queued patiently (well, mostly patiently!) for hours and then you've jumped on for the ride of your life. There's bits that you're crying with laughter and a few when you're crying with fear. It's adrenaline fuelled and all a bit of a blur. You can't jump off, but it's okay, you really don't want to.

Here goes. I've detailed the bits that stand out to me in those first couple of weeks with your beautiful newborn. Let it be said, your baby is always the most beautiful you've ever seen...

Leaving hospital

This is seriously surreal. I've had proper training for every job I've ever had - even pulling pints in the pub. So how is it that one of the toughest jobs requires no training at all! When Robin and I walked out of the hospital together with Sophie, it all started to feel a bit real. Obviously whilst pregnant with an ever-growing belly over nine months, you know that a baby is coming. I found that until I had her in my arms in that magical moment after giving birth, you don't quite believe it's going to happen to you. You don't get over how much of a miracle it is as the weeks go on.

The first couple of nights

It seems harsh that you've just gone through labour and then, bam, your little one keeps you up for the next few nights. It's the time when you are in desperate need of a good nights sleep! Even when they are fast asleep, I found myself listening to them breathe and simply staring at them. You simply wonder how it was possible that this little person with tiny fingers and toes was made by us. It's mind blowing.

It's okay to cry - and then cry some more!

A few people warned me of this - and it really was appreciated. Day 3 or so is a whirlwind of emotions. You cry at the drop of a hat - and can't quite work out why. I cried because I didn't offer friends cake when they came to visit - and yet again, Robin thought I'd lost it. There's some serious hormones going on so it was good to hear from other people that I'm perfectly normal.

You learn a little bit each day

I've never really been the girl that wants to coo over babies, but luckily with your own that maternal instinct really kicks in. It's crazy that you don't know this little person at all, but each and every day you learn a little bit more about them. That car seat and our buggy requires something close to a degree, but thankfully I think I'm getting there.

We are loving life as a little family. It's life-changing, but I wouldn't change it for the world.

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