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The girly gang - why we all need girl friends

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

Friends are the tonic that every girl needs. Gin without tonic is like fish without chips, ice without lemon, you get the idea. Girlfriends bring a little bit of spice to your life; they reason with you, laugh with you, they know when you're struggling to keep afloat and they have the ability to lift you right back up. I've gathered six reasons why we need our girlfriends:

You can talk for hours - and have no idea what you've chatted about

You can sit for hours in a compatible silence or you can natter about complete rubbish. You could be on the phone for hours only to hang up and realise that you forgot to ask the one question you rang for! Isn't that what great friendship is?

They never think you're nuts!

They don't judge you for your actions. In fact, they have the ability to turn a very sour situation into something of a comedy sketch. If you feel borderline crazy, they will go out of their way to make you realise they are made from the very same crazy mould. You're on identical wavelengths.

A problem shared is a problem halved

It's that popular saying, but it really is true. When you bottle things up, you feel you might burst at any moment. They support you when the going gets tough. Girls are great listeners and, often, they relate to the problem so much more than men. I mean, how can we expect a man to understand the crippling effect a bad haircut can have, or appreciate that sometimes when we're crying uncontrollably, we have absolutely no idea what is actually wrong. Girlfriends just get us.

Your 'in jokes' are the funniest going

Forget Michael McIntyre. When all your girls get together in one room, your stomach hurts from one belly laugh after the next. You head home feeling like you've been in the gym doing sit ups for hours, what a win win! Even the memories have you chuckling away to yourself, and that might be just the healing boost that you need at that time.

They hold some of your greatest secrets

Your friendship goes back years and covers an array of secrets you don't want the rest of the world knowing. That time you did a pregnancy test in the school toilets, the moment you lost it and stalked your ex for weeks, the crush you had on your Science teacher and those days you thought you could get away with missing class. You must know these are completely made up scenarios...

Basically, you trust them with your deepest, darkest mysteries.

Girls are from Venus, Men are from Mars

Trust me, they'll make your own relationship with your partner stronger. A husband has to listen, but do they always know what to say? No. Chatting over your niggles with the girls takes the pressure off your husband to always say the right thing!

Just remember, it's healthy for you to have a good group of girlfriends. Appreciate them, make time for them, give them as much as you can at that time, and you know that in return you'll get their love, their brutal honesty and a special relationship that no one else really gets.

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