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The random things I've found when pregnant

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

Wow, the things I've googled during my pregnancy. It's a wild, weird and strangely wonderful nine months. Actually, there comes the first thing I've found on my journey. You're pregnant for 40 weeks; maths has not been a strong subject of mine, but I make that almost ten months! It's a very long time and I've found it passes like treacle...

I've gathered a few other random things I've discovered during pregnancy:

The roller coaster begins with some serious emotions - and a whole lot of tears

When I almost threw a meal I cooked out of the window, my husband must have thought I had lost the plot... maybe sometimes he thinks that anyway! Even I felt a little worried about why I was being so crazy. And then a few days later a little line appeared on our pregnancy test and I felt it justified my outburst. Your hormones are all over the place - it is a great excuse for a few months.

You have the oddest dreams early on

I'd wake and tell Robin (my husband) of the adventures I'd have had overnight. It was exhausting; running marathons, saving people from burning buildings, there was nothing I couldn't do in those first few months of pregnancy while I slept.

Climbing the stairs leaves you out of breath

I've always thought of myself as having a fairly good baseline fitness so when I was getting out of breath climbing the stairs it was very odd. Apparently the baby was hogging a bit of space inside me so my lungs had a little less room.

I've barely shaved my legs in the last couple of months

This was an amazing one. It must be something to do with those hormones racing around inside you but I hope it continues for many months to come!

De-cluttering is my new pastime

I've always been a bit of a tidier; I'd rather see something away in a cupboard than making a mess of itself in full view. During the last couple of months of pregnancy I questioned keeping anything. I got rid of half my wardrobe seeing it as a chance to get out with the old and in with the new. I've spoken to people about this and it does have a name; no it's not nuts, it's nesting.

So there you go. We are all very different and everyone has completely unique pregnancy adventure. You might have experienced some of those or you might just think I'm completely nuts. All I do know is I'm very much looking forward to the next chapter and actually meeting our little one.

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