• Charlotte Thorogood

The waiting game - those last two weeks of pregnancy

You can plan for almost everything in life. If you want a new job, you go and get it. You want to go on holiday, go on, get it booked! That is, everything, except this funny old game of having a baby. I simply can't google 'ways to induce labour' anymore - I've tried it all and if one more person suggests scoffing a curry, then I'll probably hit them!

Counting down the days

I'd been counting down the days to that magical mythical date of the 10th August 2019 - and then it came, and went. Actually, it would have been a great weekend to have a baby as a farmers wife, because it poured with rain and my husband was free as a bird. But we've all learnt that life doesn't work like that. I'd secretly thought my baby would arrive early. I ignored those that said 'first time Mum's are normally late' and thought, not me!

Our bag of treats is depleted

I've had my birthing bag packed for a couple of weeks. It was stuffed full of treats and goodies to start with - I'll be honest, it's somewhat lighter now! That sharing bag of Munchies went down a storm with the baby and I when I was feeling a little impatient.

Your phone is going at all hours

I almost have a guilty feeling when friends text asking 'any news?' I feel like I'm letting them down; dramatic, I know. I understand that everyone is as excited as we are to hear 'the news'!

A mind game

It's a real mind game. It feels so near and yet so far. Those last five miles that really drag on a long drive home when you really need the toilet.

Do you plan fun things to do with your week, knowing that you're secretly hoping they'll all be cancelled because you go into labour! I really do hate cancelling on people. I mean, I know that no one would mind me being a no-show because I'm giving birth, but still.

Appreciate these days - the calm before the storm!

I've heard this a lot and, trust me, I'm trying. I love that my house is now a haven of calm, a clutter free space where I can literally find anything. It's never been so tidy.

It really is an amazing thing that our bodies are doing so what is another few days? If that's what the baby wants and I've created such a lovely nest in there, then so be it.

Keep your fingers crossed for the next few days. Come on baby, tardiness is not a good trait to have!

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