• Charlotte Thorogood

Things I wish I'd known before I was 30

I mean we literally thought we knew it all growing up, right? I even thought 30 was old. Seriously! Here's a few bits that I wish I could tell my teenage self; the scatty one, the absolute drama-queen, the one that didn't think before speaking, the one that thought she knew best.

Look after yourself

This one really gets me after being pretty ill last year. You used to take it for granted that you could survive on four hours of sleep. At University, you'd be able to just make it to a lecture after being sick from the night before. You once drunk enough Tequila, it's now put you off for life. You'd think nothing of running 6 miles without even having breakfast...

You only get one body and one life; make the most of it.

It's amazing how as you get older, you actually want to fuel your body with good stuff and you want to exercise to make yourself feel better physically and mentally.

Appreciate being cooked for!

Your eyes would roll when Mum said she was serving up lasagne on a Tuesday (again)! Now, whatever anyone serves up to you is most definitely appreciated.

Have less friends that mean more to you

As you get older you realise there aren't enough hours in the day to do and see everything and everyone you want to. Friendships take work in the same way that relationships do, so don't take them for granted. Make time for the people you want in your life.

He's just not that into you!

The film is bang on with this. Trust your gut with a guy. I mean, if he wants to text, he will. If he wants to see you, he will. I could have murdered someone that uttered the words 'plenty more fish in the sea' back in the day, but they do happen to be right.

Time is a healer

The Ben & Jerry's tubs I've worked my way through. The friends I must have bored with my tales over the years. I apologise. The tears I have shed thinking I'd never be happy again. How wrong could I be? I'd go back and simply say 'you've got this'.

You know what you want!

Don't always go with the flow. As you get older, I think you learn what you really want out of life! Give me a 5 star hotel and not a tent in the corner of a field please. I like to get up early and be in bed early - and I'm no longer embarrassed by it!

It's quite a fun one, isn't it? I could go on. They say we learn something new every day and I think it's pretty true.

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