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Things to do and love in Annecy

Updated: Aug 29, 2018

There are times when you really feel like you deserve a break. An escape from everyday life. A chance to recharge the batteries and come home refreshed and rejuvenated.

That's exactly how this break to Annecy felt. There's something about a holiday that resets you. It leaves you ready to tackle the world and all his challenges again.

I'm going to piece together our few nights in this gorgeous little town, the highs and the lows and what we'd recommend.

What we loved:

1. Just wow. The Setting.

Waking up to those magnificent mountains and a stunning lake takes some beating. It's an instagram dream. I found myself getting lost in the scenery time and time again; how wonderful not to be buried in a book or phone. The waters are completely clear and inviting, if a little chilly!

You won't forget that alpine landscape in a hurry, that's for sure.

2. Restaurants round every corner

The little town of Annecy has restaurants on every corner. Just pull up a chair in one by the canal and do one of everyone's all time favourite activities; people watch. Without a care in the world, time passes at just the pace you want from a holiday.

We ate some incredible meals. The French know a thing or two about what to do with cheese and their crepes are second to none. Just remember you'll probably need a few more trips to the gym when you return home!

Pont des Amours
Story goes that any lovers who kiss while on this bridge will be together for life.

3. Sunshine, stuff and smiles

We enjoyed four nights in June. The weather was just right. There was sunshine during the day and a light breeze in the evening. Take a little jacket for sitting out in the evenings; you'll want to admire the setting as the sun goes down.

Pont des Amours is a little bridge that is blessed with yet more sumptuous views of the lake and mountains. The story goes that any lovers who kiss while on the bridge will be together for life. We made sure we joined the crowds!

The food market in Annecy was such fun. It's in the middle of this pretty town and buzzing with activity. The narrow cobbled streets are crowded and lively, there's the fragrant smells of the delicacy's and the banter and cheers of the shoppers and stalls.

Annecy really does have a lovely story to tell.

4. A cycle 'round' the lake

Robin and I like to do a little something on holiday. There's only so much lazing with a cocktail in your hand that suits us. So we took on the challenge of cycling round the lake. There's a track that goes all the way round, or so we were told. We made it about half way but kept stopping at the little coffee shops and decided to make our way back. I'm sure those more dedicated than us would have no problems!

What we didn't love:

The thing that threw me about Annecy was the cost of a taxi from Geneva! It's just half an hour and it was genuinely more than we'd paid for both our flights... Anyone that knows me will know that I love a bargain and so I tried to put this to one side and forget about it. Well, actually Robin paid for it and told me to not mention it again for the duration of the holiday!

Thank you Annecy. You were everything we wanted - and much more. We won't forget you.

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