• Charlotte Thorogood

Three in the bed - and the little one said!

So. I've spent six months getting to know our Sophie. We walked out of hospital feeling every inch the 'amateurs' that we were. Those first few weeks were fuelled by food we'd been cooked, we googled more than we'd ever googled before and we stumbled around as we worked it out. But Sophie on the other hand. She's one smart little cookie (obviously!) and she really had things sorted already.

Here's five things I've noticed - babies have got it just right...

They love the simple things.

Ever seen a baby or a toddler with a cardboard box. Enough said! They smile and they mean it. We could learn a thing or two from them as we reach for our iPhone to scroll aimlessly through Facebook...

Naps are a must.

Let's be fair, we'd all feel better for a quick 40 winks. As a baby, they get their fair share of shut eye. A bit of eye rubbing, maybe a few tears and off they go... and they rise with a smile once more.

We often race around in a milky daze getting through a never-ending 'to do' list while they snooze. Nap time needs to be a thing.

They look at their cutest when they sleep.

Smart move Sophie. They might have been a total terror all day, but when you look at that cute little face snoozing in the confines of the cot, every parents heart melts. It's a bloody good job so you can deal with what's thrown at you the very next morning!

They know what they want - and they make sure everyone knows about it!

We tip toe around our feelings. We try to hold it together. We run around barely coming up for air, spinning a dozen plates and just keep smiling (most of the time!)

A baby makes it known if they want something. That kind of 'full volume' blue murder sort of scream. It's the kind of scream that gets results! It could be a demand for more milk, a rattle they can't quite reach or they just want to remind you that they are there...

They actually breathe.

We all chase around from pillar to post. We forget how to actually breathe. Breathing has such powers - to calm us to, to relax us and to focus us - and yet we rarely call upon it.

Babies are SO good at it! Take a look at their bellies next time - they breathe those deep long breathes, the very best kind.

You see. They really aren't just pretty faces! There's much more than the puddles of poo and puke covered baby gros. I admire Sophie's spirit, her little personality growing each day. It's mind blowing stuff.

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