• Charlotte Thorogood

Why walk? Get a breath of fresh air!

As the last of the sun sets on summer and we're hit by the cooler autumn air, it can be all too appealing to hibernate away for winter! Don't underestimate the power of a walk in the fresh air. We all need to slow down every now and then; I love my daily walk with the dog, even if I moan about it every now and then! I’ve gathered a few reasons why we should all make time for a walk.

Relaxing is good for us

Life goes too quickly, we all know that. Mondays come round in the blink of an eye. A walk slows you down and encourages you to relax and appreciate nature in all its glory. I'd even tell you to leave your phone at home every now and then...

Relaxing has been proven to have some great health benefits. I won't bang on about it, but you’ll improve your immune system, reduce your stress hormones and stimulate endorphins; the happy hormone!

So go on, seek out some new walks, unearth new adventures, find beautiful views, then make time for a book and settle down in the evening feeling better about the day.

Make time for each other

A walk doesn’t cost a thing. Trust me, there’s not many things in life that are free. Take a friend, make time for a loved one, use the time you're walking to chat about anything and everything. Away from it all, you’ll find you are free to laugh about old memories, relax and enjoy the shared experience.

There’s something refreshing about soaking up the chilly air in the great outdoors. Fresh air and greenery are good for us. If the sun peers through the clouds, you might even enjoy a bit of Vitamin D!

There’s nothing like a good walk to refresh your mind and body

The feeling of the wind in your hair, fresh air filling your lungs and the sight of beautiful scenery is perfect for resetting you. We all want to work wonders on our well being, but sometimes keeping it simple with a walk is just what you need.

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