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Yoga - the start of something beautiful

Updated: Oct 12, 2018

It's so important to keep learning, to keep yourself thinking and to do something for yourself. I'd talked about yoga for years, toyed with the idea of doing something like a training qualification, but the time had never been quite right. I'd always had too much on my plate with competing Louis (the horse), running, work and everything else in between.

Here's three reasons why I jumped at the chance:

1. When it feels right, just do it!

Just a couple of months ago I stumbled across a yoga teacher training course locally. A few days later I was enrolled, and I began my yoga adventure in September. It felt right and it was. It is without a doubt the best decision I've made this year (I said 'I will' marrying Robin in 2017, that was the best one that year!)

2. Your body is your most priceless possession - take good care of it

I think we all think we're invincible until our body tells us otherwise. I didn't catch colds, I'd keep going when I felt a little flat and I didn't know when to stop. I'm that girl that does thrive a little bit on rushing around and seeing just how much they can fit in. I'm always thinking and I didn't sit still much. Well, until those four nights in Colchester Hospital. There's continuous lists in my head from what we're eating tonight, what needs to go on the shopping list, what work calls I need to make, when I should next organise a get together with the girls... the list could go on!

Yoga teaches us to slow down a little and appreciate what's actually going on around us here and now. It's definitely what I needed in my life. It teaches you to try and clear your mind; a skill that is so much harder than you think. It also makes you realise that you need to take time just for you.

3. Yoga is all about the mind and body. Just breathe!

One of the first modules we covered was breath control (the yoga term being pranayama - see, I have learnt something). It literally is a breath of fresh air. There's not many of us that breathe correctly, we're all using so little of our lungs and a lot of the time we're in that 'fight or flight state', which is totally unnecessary most of the time.

We're encouraged to get back to the baby's breath. Just a few minutes of actually using your belly to breath will bring about a sense of calm and sometimes we all need that. To think that you can effect your positivism, energy and calmness just with breath is pretty awesome. It's a great skill to have in the toolbox for life's little challenges.

And so the journey begins...

The impact it's made is already noticeable - well, certainly to me! I'm taking time to read a book without that guilty feeling, I'm enjoying a bath without rushing to get out, I've started the odd walk with Aya without my phone and I've done some meditation (in fact, I'd go as far as say this got me through some of the nights in Hospital).

I'll keep you posted as I embark on my journey. Hopefully a few close friends won't mind being my guinea pigs for a few yoga sessions whilst I work it all out! There's going to be something quite special about helping people and showing them what it is all about...

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